Why is Scrum Master Certification so Popular?

Scrum is a globally adopted project management methodology.

It takes a team-centric approach to productivity and managing projects. Each member of the Scrum team has a very specific role and set of responsibilities.

Of all of these roles, it seems that the role of Scrum Master is most in demand when it comes to training and certification. Let’s examine the reasons for this popularity by taking a look at how the Scrum Team works, and the responsibilities of a Scrum Master.

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How Does Scrum Work?

Scrum is designed to handle projects that are fast-paced, with changing requirements and a need for value-delivery.

The Scrum Team works in shorter cycles than conventional projects. These cycles are called “Sprints”. A Sprint can last anywhere up to a few months, but is most often between 2 and 4 weeks.

Scrum welcomes changing requirements, championing smarter solutions and adapting priorities over rigid planning.

What are the Scrum Team Roles?

A Scrum Team has 3 key roles:

  • Scrum Product Owner

    The Scrum Product Owner communicates regularly with both the customer(s) and the Scrum Master. They set the project’s criteria, and remain focused on the goals, re-prioritising where necessary.

  • Scrum Master

    Scrum Masters are servant-leaders. They have many different responsibilities, among which are creating a productive environment for the team to work in and mentoring the team in the correct application of Scrum principles.

  • Scrum Team / Scrum Developers

    This refers to anyone who will work on the project (outside of the Scrum Product Owner and Scrum Master). The Scrum Developers (a term leftover from Scrum’s origins in software development) will create the project deliverables.

What does a Scrum Master Do?

As we mentioned above, Scrum Masters strive to create an ideal working environment for the team. This includes removing any obstacles to productivity and minimising disruptions.

Scrum Masters have an excellent level of knowledge about Scrum principles. It is their responsibility to ensure the correct application of these principles throughout the project. Their knowledge also makes them the right candidate for mentoring other team members.

The team’s Scrum Master and Product Owner will review the Sprint’s progress and priorities regularly, adjusting where needed.

Why is Scrum Master Certification Important?

If you want to move into the role of Scrum Master, it’s important to gain solid knowledge and skills through training.

It’s also highly beneficial to cement your level of capability through achieving a globally-recognised certification.